PEPinster International Tournament

25 may 2019

VOO Basket Pepinster vous souhaite la bienvenue sur son site internet.

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PEPIT 19 Tournament rules



Rules Applicable at PEPIT19 Tournament are:

  • Basic rules FIBA
  • Complementary rules :

Number of players:

Each team has, at least, 5 players.


  • 4 x 8 min per games
  • 2 min for half-time
  • One time out (30 sec.) per team and per half time

There is no chronometer’s stop for violation, faults and substitution.

Referees can stop chronometer in case of:
- Solve a problem at table
- Player’s injury
- Wipe the floor
- Or for any exceptional event which could disturb the game

Are applicable...

  • 8 seconds to cross median line
  • 5 seconds (without dribble, for throw in)
  • 3 seconds in “the paint”
  • 24 seconds & 14 seconds
  • Stop chrono at last minute following referee’s decision


Unplayed Score (Flat rate): (20-0) for incomplete team or which are not present on time on the court.

Rotation: “Rotation on the fly” (player out must leave the ground before new one incoming)

After the fourth collective foul (by half-time), each foul on shoot, technical or anti-sportive:

  • Sanction : 1 point and possession for injury’s team
    Throw-in in front zone, at 3 points-line level
  • If the shoot is successfully, points are accorded + 1 bonus point
    Throw-in on back line

Each foul on a player whose not in shoot position, throw-in as usual.

Four personal foul: player is fouled out for he match.

Anti-sportive foul: coach must change the player and this one is exclude during this period.

Organisation’s comitee keep right to exclude any person (player, coach, supporter, deleguee) until the end of the competition in case of inadequate comportment.

Result :

  • win = 3 points
  • draw = 2 points or extra time 3 min if teams are ex-aequo (last match)
  • lost = 1 point
  • unplayed = 0 point
    In case of equality, direct match is predominant.

Podium obligatoire !

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